Thinking of getting a vero 4k+, coming from Zappiti

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I’ve had a zappiti 4k player for a few months but I hate it and am really missing xbmc and all its customizations. I was wondering if the vero 4k+ can play everything on my home system.

I have a 7.1.2 speaker system setup (7 speakers + 1 sub + 2 atmos), along with a sony 760es 4k projector. I read the vero can handle a 7.1 system but I wasnt sure if the specs included the atmos in the 7. Also will it be able to play anything I throw at it like the zappiti? (4k hdr 10, iso, etc.)


Vero will pass through Atmos and DTS:X to your AVR.

It will play pretty much any video format. I can’t imagine there’s anything zappiti can play that Vero can’t.

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Ok awesome, thanks! Just want to confirm, the vero can handle 9 speakers (7 normal plus two atmos)? Im just a bit confused on that part.

Vero doesn’t have amps for multi-channel. It passes through the audio via HDMI to your AVR/receiver/soundbar. So the number of speakers depends on your AVR.

Ah ok. Got it! Thanks!

We will send the untouched signal through.
If your AVR handles 9 speakers, you’ll get it

Let us know if you have any questions


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Hi Sam, sorry had another question. Is there an ir controller on the Vero or is just bluetooth? I have a savant controller which Im hoping to use but Im not sure if it works through bluetooth. Will check though.

There is a built in IR receiver.
We also ship an IR extender, which is handy if you put your device behind the TV and just want to expose the eye.

The supplied remote is RF; but you can also pair Bluetooth remotes. Neither RF or BT require line of sight.



I would be surprised if there wasn’t an IP driver available for Savant.
There is for pretty much every other control system available

Apologies for the off-topic question, but would you mind elaborating a little on why? :slight_smile: I’m currently trying to get a better idea of the media player market as a whole, and Zappiti players are a brand I have no personal experience with.

Yeah I’m new to Savant but i’ll ask my dealer. He told me that it can learn IR commands for xbmc but ill ask about the IP driver.

So before Zappiti I was running openelec on a intel NUC. It was slick and I loved all the customization that xbmc has. Coming from that it was a bit of a shock trying to work with Zappiti.

I’ll try to list all the things I hate about it lol:

  1. Slow interface, commands sometimes didnt register or they took a while.

  2. Misidentification of media. So I sort my home media server with this cool software called mediacentermaster. It renames all movies and tv shows and creates xml files to make them easy for media boxes to pick up. It also downloads trailers and subtitles if needed. Zappiti has misidentified 100s of files and having to go through each file with that interface is a hassle. Plus all the trailers that have been downloaded, it either shows as the movie or misidentified… Also everytime I get a new show or movie, refreshing media takes a while.

  3. Forward/Rewind. So theres two fwd/rwd options on Zappiti. One is to go back and forward a minute and the other is to go 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x. The latter option is spotty and sometimes doesnt work. I miss xbmc with the 10s,30s,1m, etc… options. It comes useful because sometimes you might have missed a line in a movie and want to go back 10 sec…

  4. Theres really no customization/addons. You can buy a silver theme for Zappiti or I think they give it to you if you rate them 5 stars lol. Also the other day I was watching a TV show and I needed subtitles. XBMC would have been simple, just download without leaving the show from subscene, opensubtitles etc. I’m not sure what the process is on Zappiti. If you’re coming from xbmc you know all the addons you can get so I miss that.

  5. Same with box art and movie/episode info. I don’t know where they pull the info but I preferred xbmc more. One thing I did like about Zappiti was if you’re hovering over a movie or show, it’ll play that medias theme.

Maybe there are solutions to all these problems but I think I’d rather go back to something familiar. Only reason I don’t use the NUC anymore is because I upgraded to a 4K projector and it wouldn’t play those files right.

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The sum of those little things matter alot. I could not do without Kodi as well. The GUI experience is very important to me and the Vero 4k has not let me down.

Also restriction on fast forward and skipping forward are really annoying. I most definately need the customizing possibilities of Kodi as well.

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