Thumbnail extraction

I have noticed that Kodi begins the process to extract thumbnails only when I visited the folder. So it seems I have to visit each and every individual folder manually before I see all the thumbnails. I recently installed OSMC on Pi and have several folders/sub-folders in my library. In the “Random Movies” on home screen, I see the thumbnails for a few movies, and the rest are just waiting to be extracted!

Which brings me to my question - Is there some setup that enables Kodi to extract thumbnails during idle time (or at least not wait till a folder is visited)? When I visit the folder, I really like to play something, and not spend CPU cycles extracting thumbnails, especially from a folder with large number of files!

You are already a participant in the thread where this should be addressed.

This has nothing to do with OSMC.

Thanks, just wanted the question to reach a wider audience, that’s all. :slight_smile: