Thumbnail image location?


For Vero 4K+ a long while ago, I added a thumbnail image for a video folder.
I’d like to be able to download this image, though don’t know where its stored on osmc. (I can access via ssh)


If you SSH into the vero you will be in the HOME folder. From there the path is /.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails.

Ah yes, I figured that out.
But under Thumbnails/ there are series of folders (1 2 3 … a b c …) and one Video folder (which lists Bookmarks). In total around 16 folders!
Seems really difficult to find the thumbnail without knowing the original filename? I thought that as I uploaded it, it would be located in a specific place.

Is the original image not still in the root of that video folder and called something like folder.jpg? If you had deleted it and wanted to pull the resized version from the thumbnails folder then there may be some way to discover what the name of the cached file is by manually digging through the SQLite db texturecache13.db or by using the texture cache maintenance utility but your going to be looking at a learning curve either way. You could also go a bit more manual and install samba server from the My OSMC add-on and then access the Thumbnails folder from a PC which would allow you to see the files as images. Unless you have a pretty small library that may be a bit of an advanced Where’s Waldo/Wally game though.

A library export to individual files might also put it back as well. I know it would for a movie or series. I don’t think I’ve ever checked for a folder thumbnail though.