Thumbnails for bookmarks

I just noticed that while I get thumbnails created for chapter points when I access the in-play bookmark screen (Estuary / 20.2), if I create a personal bookmark, no thumbnail is generated. I’m seeing this on OSMC and on my Shield, so could this be a Kodi-level bug, or have I perhaps missed a setting somewhere? Curious if others see this too.

It does the same on a RPi 4 and Vero V, but it is working in Kodi running on Windows. I have no idea if it is a bug or a hardware limitation though. They generate a thumbnail if you turn off hardware acceleration in the player settings.

Sounds like it may affect ARM based platforms then.

Are you using the same version of Kodi on Windows?

Yes, 20.2. I have Kodi v19.5 on a portable install on Windows and it works there as well.