Thumbnails for Videos


I installed OSMC on Raspberry pi 3 today, and added a bunch of videos to my library. I also provided a .nfo file for each video with the below info

    <title>Name of the video</title>
    <set>Appropriate Value</set>

Here are a few issues I notice:

  1. While the videos seem to be all present, I’m not seeing any thumbnails on the “Movies” homepage. See screenshot.
  2. Also, I just see the “Random movies” (no “Now Playing” or “Recently Added”)
  3. Clicking on play of a file (previously played) doesn’t resume from the point stopped earlier. It just starts from the beginning.

Is there any other setup I need to do to fix the above?


Suggest to provide debug enabled logs to see whats going on.

Have you provided respective Thumbnails or otherwise enabled “Extract Thumbnails”?

Thanks for your reply!

Kodi 17.3 (on Linux) didn’t need me to setup separate thumbnails, so I thought that is not needed here as well.

How/ where can I specify to extract thumbnails?


Settings -> Media -> Videos

Thank you! I also set the option to fix #3 as well.

May be I’m tired at this hour, but I don’t seem to be able to find the option to update the library to reflect these changes! Where is it?


No need to rebuild the library it should happen automatically when you go to the source.

Hmmm for some reason it did not work. I removed the library and added it again, and now it is extracting the thumbnails. Thanks!

Thanks for your update thought it would automatically update

One other thing I noticed is that even after the thumbnails were updated, the home screen showed blank. Only when I restarted the Pi, “Random Movies” started showing up.

How do I get the other lists “Now Playing”, “Recently Added” etc to show up?


Settings>Interface>Skin Settings

Thank you for all the help!