Thumbnails go blank

Problem: Sometimes, after watching 2 TV Shows, the thumbnails for the shows disappear or go blank / black. Usually about half at the beginning but eventually all will go away. The thumbnails come back after a reboot. It does seem to need it to be 2 shows.
I’m running it on the rPi B+.
I have a August 2015 version of OSMC that this does not happen on. (pointing to the same media source) It’s been occurring on a couple previous versions this year. I just didn’t have time to report it

I tried capturing this in a debug log, but the log is still rather large (45MB)

Edited to change from icons to the proper word, thumbnails

Sounds like this issues: OSMC Freezing Missing Banners Thumbnails unresponsive UI current + Krypton versions RPi1 2 3 - #69 by sparticle

May be worth following that and perhaps reporting if the test builds work or not for you - we’re trying to identify the exact commit which caused the issue.