Tidal HiFi playback failing


I’ve been trying to use the Tidal player for streaming HiFi. So far I have been unsuccessful. What I have,

RPi 2 B

OSMC 01012016,

I think Kodi Jarvis RC3 ( I ran wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/afopazadum -O- | sudo bash )

and Tidal 1.2.2

With the PAPlayer it will say opening stream a few times then error out and say to check logs

With the BTPlayer it looks like it opens the stream OK and goes to a player widow with the player controls, but nothing will play. It usually comes up waiting for the play button to be pressed which I do but nothing happens, the time counter just stays at 0.

The DVDPlayer is much like the PAPlayer where it tries a few times then quits.

From the behavior I would say the BTPlayer is the one for FLAC files, but doesn’t work.
Sometimes it looks like it should be playing but nothing happens.

Looking through various posts, it seems the FLAC decoder should be there and ready to go.

Pandoki, and Tidal when not HiFi work fine.

I did a grab-logs -A, they are at,


The first audio related failures I see are in the kodi log at 16:40:36



I also have an issue with streaming from Tidal using Hi-Fi and normal quality. The issue persist since upgrading Kodi to Krypton. In logs the most interesting thing is this:
ERROR: Unable to lookup host: ‘rtmp.stream.tidalhifi.com app=cfx’

I can browse my playlists and favorites but OSMC reboots after selecting a track.

Could anyone confirm that TIdal plugin is working on OSMC@Rpi?

Strange. It works on previous major version of osmc.
Is there anything that can be done to get it working?

Contact the add-on developer, or: