Time Capsule Drive access

I have latest Time Capsule and latest AirPort Utility.
Previously, with xbmc, i addet Time Capsule disc share with

afp://Vlad Timoshenko:18141841@

But now it didn’t work. What i’m doing wrong?


smb didn’t work too

Surely this is due to a simple configuration error. You are going to have to do some research on smb sharing from TC unless you are willing to wait until some other TC user might show up with some insight here. It’s Apple, I don’t use Apple products but, I can’t imagine it being terribly difficult.

problem is in osmc connection to TC. early (kodi and xbmc) afp and smb sharing work great, but after I’ve installed osmc - i can’t setup nor фаз neither smb

You aren’t explaining the issue in any useful manner except that it doesn’t work. No one knows how to help you based on that alone. Smb works for thousands of other people.

I have Time Capsule:
Its IP is
Disk name is “Data”
what i did try

smb://Vlad Timoshenko:password@

I get error “Operation not permitted” or “operation time out”
Maybe it is because of space in “Vlad Timoshenko”?
But in Kodi on my notebook “smb://Vlad Timoshenko:password@” work fine

A time capsule is just a specially crafted AFP share. I’ve seen it done on Ubuntu to ‘emulate’ a Time Machine. However I don’t know if those shares are compatible at the standard AFP client end. If AFP and SMB are working well, I’d assume the problem lies elsewhere


i made it.
in time of first setup your TimaCapsule Disk must be mounted to some device.

So, smb://account:password@IPofTimeCapsule/DiskName is working fine

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I can’t get this to work for anything. I used smb://account:password@ipaddress/diskname and all I get is “Operation not permitted”

“Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?”

I had this working on koi 14.2 using crystalbuntu on my Apple TV. Can’t get it working again. I also made sure the hard drive was spinning in the Time Capsule from my mac while trying to set it up. Are there any other settings I have to enable first?

Do you have the latest updates of OSMC installed?

I ended up reinstalling the USB version of the latest OSMC on my Apple TV. I had the latest HDD version before. I have it working now. Thanks!