Time out for network shares

I was doing some maintenance on my NAS which is connected via NFS. While the NAS was inaccessible, by habit I selected a share from the NAS. The vero appeared to crash that point. I waited several minutes but it did not stop trying to find the share and it would not respond to any key presses although I could still play video in the background from my SMB share which was still working, it was almost like it froze the entire menu system and didn’t timeout the connection.

I basically had to hard reboot by pulling the power cable.

Could a timeout be added so that if after 10 seconds it doesn’t find it says it is offline and continues working as normal?

Autofs will do this for you.

Why doesn’t adding the NFS NAS shares through the UI add the FSTAB and autofs?

Kodi is designed to run on many different operating systems without knowing or caring which one it is actually sitting on top of. Autofs and Fstab are mechanisms that are specific to Linux - there’s no direct equivalent on (say) Windows.

And as far as an application running on Linux is concerned, a share mounted using autofs looks exactly like a folder in local storage - Kodi can’t tell whether it’s a true local folder or a mounted share, only the OS knows the difference.

OK fair enough. I will look in to settings this up then.