Tinker Board - is it supported by OSMC?

Hi there,
just got a quick question - is or will be Asus Tinker Board supported by OSMC?

It supports 4k video, GigabitEthernet and 192kHz/24-bit audio.

It is not supported by OSMC and I wouldn’t be surprised if it never is.

The SoC is Rockchip which does not have great support in Kodi. I believe only SPMC attempts to support this SoC and via Android. This is because they have implemented AV acceleration in a hacky way: i.e. not using the official Android method (MediaCodec) API. Team Kodi aren’t keen on adding workarounds as it adds a support burden in terms of maintenance.

The 4K support is not of much relevance because the board appears to only support H264, and almost all 4K content will be encoded in HEVC in the future.

Maybe the device will be supported, but it is not on the development roadmap. At this time, Raspberry Pi is effectively providing the same level of playback abilities at a better price and with better vendor support.

Thank you for detailed reply, Sam.
I just wish there would exist a board with 4k HDR x265 video and 192kHz/24-bit audio that could be easily supported by OSMC. Please let us know once this will be possible :wink:

You may be pleasantly surprised in the next couple of weeks then.


Does that mean a new rpi ?
Usually in February they would release new versions :wink:
Can’t wait for it if that’s the case…

Please tell us more!

Got all excited now!

Operative words here are “surprise” and "couple weeks "

If you make yourself familiar with the core design of the RPi you’d rather not expect a new version so fast. For the interested see:

How the Raspberry Pi boots up
Wie es mit dem Raspberry Pi weitergeht (Very good article, but in German)

I’d bet for another device supported by OSMC instead. Personally I’d love to see a platform with hardware HEVC and better I/O than the RPi. CPU is not much of a concern, but USB 3 and real GigE LAN would be nice. :grinning:

That’s interesting, given what Liz Upton has publicly said about a Raspberry Pi 4 recently.

And I quote: “It’s definitely not happening any time in the next year!”


Perhaps a new development from Sam and the Vero team instead! :wink:

I’d say very likely. Keeping fingers crossed for my wishlist, maybe Christmas is early this year… :grin:

Hello, I wanted to know if OSMC can work on the new Asus board: “Thinker Board”. Or maybe if you’re thinking about developing something that will work in the future. Thank you.

Your question was already answered above.