TinyMediaManager question

Dear friends,
I just tried using TMM for the first time and it looks beautiful and very useful :slight_smile: BUT there’s one thing that doesn’t seem working for me.

I have two directories one for movies and the other one for TV shows.

When I started TMM for the first time I hadn’t understood its structure I added both data sources to the Movies tab, then understood there was. a TV tab following so backed up, DELETED the TV data source from the Movies section and added it to the TV section.

Unfortunately when I ran the program ALL entries ended in the MOVIES section !??!?!?!?!?! TV is completely empty.

Tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling but the result is always the same … my 3 TV series end up in the Movies section …

FWIW The TV directory has one folder for each series (eg Blue.Planet.II) and below it each video file is named as Blue.Planet.II.2017.S01E01.One.Ocean.mkv

MacOS here.

Thank you

To be honest, normally best to ask that question on the TMM forum.

Did you tried “Update Datasources”?
Also could it be that you used the Filename Renamer/Cleaner during your first run and the TV Shows are now in your physical Movie folder?


Ok will head to the proper Forum. Thank you!
PS Yes tried updating, No the files are still untouched where they were before.

Delete the .nfo files. Then try again.

Thanks. Did not work. Will just access the series from the Videos menu and forget about this crazy behaviour :slight_smile:

I use TMM. There are .nfo files created for each video file in the folders. I would suggest deleting the .nfo files for the TV shows as gkron92 suggested. You will then need to clean up your KODI database by removing those TV shows under movies and once new .nfo files are created update your KODI library.

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