Titan skin extra fanart not working on Vero 4K+

I have been busy setting up my Vero 4K+ and everything is fine so far except for one thing. First impressions are that it’s very good, lovely little unit. I’ll do a writeup later when its all working perfectly with eGreat etc.

Anyways, I can’t get Titan extrafanart functionality to work (it should rotate the fanart). Am using exactly the same setting as my PC & RPi3.

Edit - deleted the misleading SMV vs NAS stuff.

Any thoughts please?


I don’t know much about this skin, but I’m sure sure some users are using it.

You may have luck on the Kodi forums or contacting the developer of the skin.


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Will do once i confirm my findings. Thanks.

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EDIT : Ok, i take it back. I reinstalled OSMC/Kodi from scratch on the Vero, loaded a few movies via SMB and installed Titan. Still no extra fanart so looks specific to the Vero :frowning:

Locally stored artwork (ie on the Vero) doesnt work either.

Have posted on Kodi Titan skin forum.

EDIT : Maybe its because Vero doesnt recognise or see the extra artwork subdirectory ? Just a thought.

Folder structure is:
------------------ Avengers

Shout out to those using Titan with extra fanart functionality enabled - does it work for you, ie Kodi cycles through the artwork?

I can’t get it to work on my Vero 4K+ but is fine on my PC and RPi3 with exactly the same source/settings etc.

I posted earlier : Titan skin extra fanart not working on Vero 4K+


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Not much response here sadly but I honestly think its down to the Vero. Titan fanart functionality works on Wintel PC, RPi3, OpenElec with the same settings, source etc.

I will dig through the logs to see if anything pops out but @sam_nazarko any chance you could load up Titan skin to investigate please?

Steps are :

  1. Use Artwork Downloader to populate the ‘extrafanart’ folder for some movies
  2. Install Titan Skin
  3. Skin Settings->Media Views->Enable Extra Fanart

This should rotate the artwork every x seconds.

Apologies for going on about this but its really niggling my appreciation of the Vero and making me reconsider going down a new fanless PC route :frowning:

Thanks & regards

Nothing obvious in the logs but uploaded here fwiw:


OpenELEC is quite old.
Are you sure you’re running the same version of the skin and Kodi on these devices?

The first port of call should be the Titan skin forum on Kodi if there is one, or contacting the maintainer. They will know more than us about this.

Hi Sam, definitely running the same version of Kodi & skin on PC & RPi3. OpenElec I thought I would spin up to backup.

I have posted on the Kodi Titan skin forum but Marcel has not replied yet - he may be away as no response to other posts yet either.

PS RPi3 is running OSMC obviously :slight_smile:


You could move the Kodi userdata folder entirely from the Pi to create an identical setup. If things then work, then something is different (add-on helper or skin version).

Artwork Downloader is marked as broken in the Kodi Wiki: Add-on:Artwork Downloader - Official Kodi Wiki

However, may work if you are using your own API keys. Info here: Remove script.artwork.downloader as dependency!

A lot of skins are using Artwork Beef as an alternative to Artwork Downloader: Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork

I don’t think Titan is being maintained any longer but there is a mod active: Titan M O D ( last Updated 19-12-2019)

Hopefully links of some use to you and others.


Thanks for helping.

@sam_nazarko my fanart is on a NAS so same source. But I will play around given @pulham comments.

@pulham thank you for the info. Didn’t realise Marcel had stopped - I was in constant comms with him during the early years of Titan but dropped as have been v happy with the skin etc. I’ll dig through the forum again.

re Artwork Downloader - it’s still working (for me at least) but will try out Artwork Beef. Thanks for the tip.

So I have started using the Titan MOD skin and everything works!

My bad for fingering Vero. Apologies.

PS just an fyi, it is, of course, a heavy skin but perfectly fine on the Vero 4K+. A bit slower than my i5 of course but perfectly acceptable. Unlike RPi3 (RIP old friend).


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I love the Titan skin, mainly because of the different view options. Im running it on my Vero 4K + but its slow as its a heavy skin. I just hope the guy who has taken over from Marcel will update it. The last time I looked he was mainy working on the Netflix view. Hopefully he will work on the Leia version when its released for the Vero.

The Titan MOD skin is awesome. It runs fine on my Vero4K+. Maybe a little less zippy than on my i5 but perfectly usable.

I have switched to the Netflix views - they are simply beautiful. +Have kept the Enhanced Home Screen though.

It’s available for Leia too.

When I tried Titan on my Vero 4k+ I get black screen during skin install and had to reset my Vero to factory defaults. Other skins works normal. What can it be?

This suggests an issue with the skin.
Make sure you’re using the right version

use the Titan MOD skin instead. Marcel stopped working on the original Titan skin months ago.