TMDB : translated title/tagline => original


Since yesterday, in KODI (OSMC), Translated Title and Tagline are Original ? (impossible to have the translated title/tagline but everything else is translated !?)give me a track?

TMDB say : no update
Kodi : I asked and i’m waiting


PS : I’m not alone, bxht1990 in tmdb forum :
I have the exactly same problem. It seems like a kodi issue. Whether i choose tmdb or imdb source,it always displays English tittle.

so is not my config

Not an OSMC issue. Good luck.

Try checking on the Kodi Forum.

OK; it’s library (dependency) of themoviedb addon (in Kodi) (UMS also call this library, this explains that it causes the same bug when it call tmdb database)

2 Solutions

  • Use UMS (Universal Movie Scraper) and everywhere check “themoviedb” with correct language EXCEPT title : choose IMDB and country
  • wait update (some days)