Toggle audio on demo tracks

For BEQ (bass eq) testing, I have some demo files which have 2 audio tracks, in mkv files.

Can you advise how I would toggle between the audio please?

Here’s the link to one of the files:


Keymap a button on your remote to send the AudioNextLanguage action or if this is just a one off and you have a laptop handy you could ssh in and use kodi-send -a AudioNextLanguage to send the command. At the terminal you can press the up arrow to recall previous commands so after the first time you can just keep hitting up and then enter.

thanks for the reply, however I think this is beyond my comfort zone - I started looking but think I’m heading down a rabbit-hole here :smile:
Maybe one for the future…

Thanks again :+1:

First looks can be a bit intimidating. If you want a quick and simple go to add-ons, install from repository, Kodi repository, programs, keymap editor, install. Open keymap editor, edit, fullscreen video, audio, next language, and then press the button on your remote that you want to perform this action. It should at the point have added an entry added next to the “next language” entry. Hit cancel until you get back to the first screen and then hit save. Now when you are playing a video fullscreen that button should switch to the next audio track in a file that has more than one.

If you need even easier than that then plug a USB keyboard into your player and during playback either hold down the up direction button on the keyboard or hit ctrl+a as they are both default keymapped for a keyboard to perform that function.

I am not sure if there is a misunderstanding here what you asked for and what @darwindesign suggested.

To change the audio being played you just can open the OSD menu and change the audio from there while you are playing the file. Or are you saying you don’t have a display connected?

I assumed A-B testing without the desire to use the slow method.

thanks both - yes, it was a way of doing quick A-B switching, so I may give the keymap editor option a go - much appreciated :+1:

edit: just had another thought - if I re-map an existing key on the Vero remote, will it not then disable it’s current function?

Yes it will.

With the instructions using keymap editor it will reprogram the button you chose only for full screen video playback. If you decided to use the “i” button for this task it would mean that instead of pressing “i” to open the information screen you would have to press select to bring up the OSD and then navigate to the info icon to bring up the window. Your swapping one convenience for another. If you want to later remove this customization you can just open keymap editor and tell it to delete the keymap and your back to where you started.

BTW I did forget to mention that with keymap editor you will not be able to program an action to the home or back buttons on an OSMC remote.

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