Torrenter, Torrent Addons, and Internal VPN

My network layout:

Cable Modem -----> Router (OpenWRT) ------------> PI2 #1 w/ OpenVPN -------------> PI2 #2 w/ OSMC

Both my Router and PI2 running OpenVPN use OpenDNS. OpenVPN is using 2048 bit encryption.

All is working with the Raspberry PI2 running OpenVPN, and I can connect the other PI2 running OSMC to the OpenVPN server. A traceroute with OSMC shows the first hop being the OpenVPN tunnel IP. So, my question is this…

If I stream TV/Movies through a torrent addon (like torrenter) can that traffic be traced back to my original IP since I am using an internal OpenVPN server? Is there anything additional I can to tighten from being tracked?

Lastly, I set any torrent stream addon to delete any files that it had been sharing as soon as the movie:

a.) stops play

b.) finishes playing