Total Nube for RPi2 and OSMC- need help for choosing I2S DAC

Hi I am total new to RPi as well as OSMC.

I use a quite good quality stereo amp and two floor standing speakers for my movie setup and my stereo amp doesn’t support HDMI audio. So far I have been using media player with RCA stereo output but they lack any customization possibility and frequent firmware update and latest codec support (like H265). So when I came across OSMC I got really excited and bought my first RPi2.

I really like OSMC but very sad to find that the RPi 2’s audio has poor quality. So I am thinking of using a I2S DAC for RPi2.

Now, I am reading a lot of mixed opinions about I2S DAC support OSMC and I am very confused. I would like to know that if OSMC supports any RPi 2 compatible DAC out of the box. Or does it need lot of experiment and trouble shooting?

I know HiFiBerry is very popular and supports OSMC I feel it costs too much (considering the price of the RPi2 itself!) - so I wanted to know weather the cheaper options available ebay (like this one: ) would support OSMC out of the box or without much tweaking or knowing programming or Linux)

Could you guys please suggest if it’s a good idea to buy something like this and if it’s going to be compatible with OSMC n RPi 2. The above link is just an example - I am open for other options also (preferably available on Ebay - as it’s easier for me to buy on ebay)

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!