Total off the wall and hardware feature request

After hours of pain last night, I realized that there was indeed one thing I appreciated on my Roku that neither OSMC nor AppleTV provided. The “find my remote button”. If there is any way in the near long term or even the long long term to provide an audible cue as to where the remote is, Spousal Acceptance Factor would dramatically increase.

I know that hardware redesign and supply chain constraints will more than likely rule this out, but I can venture the idea.

Thanks for your time!


It’s actually something I’ve discussed with @grahamh before.

Don’t expect anything for a long time, if ever.

It might be cheaper for you to give me your number and I can call up on video call and yell at all of your family members until they admit where they put the remote.


Ah well, and it such a life changing functionality too.

The other solution is that I have multiple remotes on the shelf and now is revealed the true reason for not adding this functionality. The ability to sell additional remotes. (I Jest.)

Thank you for the response.

Or you could use a smartphone app as a backup remote. For an Android phone, Yatse works well.

Thank you for the suggestion for an Android device.

I use the Kodi sponsored remote on the iPhone when the use case is appropriate.