Total Runtime/Uptime gets resetted on reboot


I don’t know since which update it is, but i noticed that the Kodi total uptime always gets resetted when the device is rebooted.

I have seen this error in the raspi section on my search but now it seems to be there again. Guisettings.xml is written correctly because every other change will be saved except the uptime, so it is not a permission problem of the guisettings.xml

that’s a good thing in my book, i’ve thought for years how stupid an uptime reading is that survives a reboot.

you have to make a difference between an actual uptime and a totalsystemuptime. If the totalsystemuptime gets resetted it is wrong :smiley:

And it wasn’t like that always but after an update (don’t know what uptate) it is, and now on the vero4k+ i recorgnised it

See Total Uptime in system info gets reseted all the time - #13 by sam_nazarko. It’s deliberate.