Total Uptime in INFO gets reseted all the time

That’s not a command, it is the permissions for the guisetting.xml file :wink:

This issue will be fixed in the next OSMC Update


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Thank you Sam for your diligence.

Here’s what I noticed today. If I restart via console using Sudo reboot total uptime does not reset. It only resets when I use the Power Off or Reboot options in OSMC GUI. I am using the Confluence skin.

Issuing sigterm will result in our patched sighandler in Kodi initiating teardown and systemd giving it sufficient grace to save things. This is expected.


I believe this is resolved in our Kodi Jarvis rebase:

But this won’t be landing in OSMC’s December update, which is still on Isengard for now.


The system uptime is always = to total uptime
if i shutdown the rpi2 or reboot. the total uptime gets reset So on my main rpi2 system uptime is stucked at 0 minutes.
run osmc 17.6 debian stretch rpi2

The last post is over two years old.

Can you start a forum post with logs and a proper description of your symptoms?