[TESTING] Kodi 16 (Jarvis) test builds for OSMC

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Christmas break. Kodi 16.0 (codename Jarvis) is well in to its development cycle and is near release. I’ve made some test builds available for you to try out and would greatly appreciate some feedback before Jarvis is finalised.

We have rebased our OSMC patches on top of Jarvis and we have improved a few things. Power management has been reworked as well. I’m aware that skin changing may not be working properly (and may need a restart of Kodi to apply), and will address this in the future. We are shipping a more limited number of binary addons (essentially just PVR clients and audio encoders) as some of the Jarvis binary addons are not yet building correctly.

You can learn more about Kodi Jarvis’ new features on the Kodi blog.

Current version: Kodi Release Candidate 3 - b587e98911fcedc4b800cd923a882c7aeeaa2146, 7th February. To install, log in to your OSMC device via SSH and run the following command:

wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/afopazadum -O- | sudo bash

Please be aware that this new version of Kodi will upgrade your database. If you are using a MySQL shared library, then other clients will need to be on Kodi Jarvis as well to access the latest library.

As soon as Kodi Jarvis achieves its stable release and we are happy with it, it will be included in the next OSMC update.




Thanks for this test version !

I’ve just updated my 2015-12 OSMC, for the moment the only issue is that all my sources went from movies/tv shows to ‘none’, and I had to scan them again…

Migration of the MySQL database (from MyVideos93 to MyVideos99) went fine, all my data was there.

I’ve installed it as written and it works perfectly.

Including having to reboot every time the skin is changed :relaxed:

Even the LAMP package you’ve created was still alive after the update; didn’t need to do anything to it.

Wanted to check out the Eminence MOD and Eminence 2 skins. Both work as well… after reboots of course.

Thanks for this beta!

Hi sam,

Thanks for the testbuild.

With the december update and the jarvis testbuild with every video file i play i have a lot frameskipping very annoying when watching movies or live tv etc.

Here is a debuglogfile

Hope this is helpful and you can help me what the issue is.


I’ve tried to install the new Jarvis testbuild but it terminated due to EXT4-FS errors. This happened on both SD cards that I used to upgrade to OSMC 2015.12-1. After reading the issues with the new SDHOST driver, I decided to follow the instructions to use the ‘old’ SD driver and now I could install the Jarvis testbuild Beta5 without any problems. So, for those who are getting EXT4-FS errors after upgrading to 2015.12-1, please read this thread: Not booting after December update - #54 by Theetjuh

Can you test with audio set to analogue or HDMI and check if frameskips still occur? I’d like to know if the problem is caused by the USB soundcard.

Thanks for your reply popcornmix.

I tried both hdmi and analog.
The frameskipping still occurs

Here is a debug when playing video
and here is a debug when playing live tv.

Hope this is usefull enough if i can help more then let me know.


Are the skips/drops shown in the codec overlay (‘o’ key)?
Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings avoid the issue?
I assume you have “adjust refresh to match video” and “sync playback to display” enabled?

Yes the skips are shown in the codecinfo.

It occurs every couple of seconds .

I tried also with omxplayer enabled and adjust refresh to match video and sync playback to display are enabled and still skipping frames…

A sample file that skips would be useful.

Sure, here it is sample file

Thx for this build.

Installed test build here with success; I do not use MySQL on my OSMC, but I use the new SD host driver. The upgrade has been completed with success and the performance seems very interesting.

The only thing is that I was expecting as it is the DSP opton in audio settings, but seems that no DSP addons exist yet, so DSP is not usable.

Please read the original post

Does interesting mean good or bad?



Airplay is not working with this build. I tried both Yosemite (which used to work) and El Capitan (which now sees it). Kodi log has nothing descriptive:

16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 ERROR: Init: Error opening file pipe://1/
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 ERROR: CAudioDecoder: Unable to Init Codec while loading file pipe://1/
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 WARNING: PAPlayer::QueueNextFileEx - Failed to create the decoder
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 DEBUG: OnQueueNextItem: play state was 1, starting 1
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 DEBUG: OnPlayBackStopped: play state was 1, starting 0
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 DEBUG: CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnStop from xbmc
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1957917232 DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 1, from xbmc, message OnStop
16:23:16 93162.804688 T:1669329904 DEBUG: AIRTUNES: AirPlay not running - stopping player

Hello Sam,

for DSP I think that there is not any DSP addons in the Kodi repo, not depending by the build.

Interesting in this case means good of course :slight_smile:


Yes – DSP addons have not been included for now

Just did the upgrade from a second sd I got lying around.
Normally I run a MySQL database, so the only thing I changed was the reference from the external to local db.

Running ok atm and he is scraping all the movies/tv shows :relaxed:
Will report back when I find something strange.

Everything seems to be running fine, x264, xvid … ac3, dts and dts 24/96 passthrough.
Also 16/44 flac, 24/96 flac, dsf (converts to 24/192 pcm) and mp3 sound good :blush:

Hi guys,
I also tried to install the testing build. However, apt-get does not find the testing version. I executed the script you provided and also tried it manually, but still “apt-get install rbp-mediacenter-osmc” gives me “rbp-mediacenter-osmc is already the newest version.” (version installed is: 14.1.0).
What am I missing?

You seem to be on an old, unsupported alpha of OSMC. Please upgrade to the stable version.