Total Uptime in system info gets reseted all the time

The system uptime is always = total uptime

The total uptime is always reseted, no matter if i shutdown the rpi2 or reboot. So on my rpi2 total uptime is always reset to 0 minutes.
If i let the rpi run on for 8h it shows system uptime=8h and total uptime=8h . But after restart system uptime and total uptime it reverts to 0 minutes.

my log

Thank you in advance.

uptime refers to the time the kernel has been up and running. So this is a normal behavior.

total uptime is always reseted.

As said by @Smurphy this is expected behaviour. This variable is reset on every reboot…

Total uptime/system uptime is the time since last boot/reboot. AFAIK there is no way of finding out how long a system over it’s total lifetime has been running which I assume you are expecting.

You could have a look at something simular like this: GitHub - rfmoz/tuptime: Report the historical and statistical real time of the system, keeping it between restarts. Like uptime command but with more interesting output.

Guys sorry but both of you are wrong. “Total Uptime” is a value that is store in guisettings.xml and therefore is not supose to be reseted by a reboot.

So if that is happening “again” it is a topic that needs to looked into.

@DBMandrake @sam_nazarko

Sorry, didn’t know it was in the GUI. I’m a CLI guy so only know the command-line command uptime :slight_smile:

GUI’s are for cissies, real men don’t use mice

OSMC/Kodi would be very boring without GUI, so just call me a cissie :wink:

One link: :rofl:

System uptime isn’t written when Kodi exits anymore. This is intentional and related to an issue that was quite annoying last year: Skin changes lost after a reboot.

I’ve made some changes to how and when settings are written to guisettings.xml in Kodi. As a consequence, we don’t bother writing the uptime when Kodi is exiting. See

If we revert this patch; then uptime will be saved, but there is a great potential for settings to be lost (skin change is most common symptom) when rebooting; particularly if Kodi hangs due to a bad / poorly written add-on.


I had the problem since version 17.4 17.5 Debian Jessie and I was waiting for the stretch version maybe solve the problem but it persists. in Kodi 18 debian version Jessie did not have the problem but in Kodi 18 debian stretch I find the problem

Out of interest, what use is knowing the total uptime?

it’s nice to know that it’s voluntary and it’s not a problem. so I close the topic