Touch Calibration on a Waveshare 5 inch HDMI LCD

Hello Forum

I need help from the experts.

i got a gift
a new Waveshare touch Display for my raspberry 2

According to the manufacturer it works emulate touch easily and without drivers instalation.

and it works too, toch is Detected
He is listed in the lsusb and input signals arrive too

But only in the upper left corner of the touch display.

have it already tried re calibrate with ts calibrator or UImapper
but without success

have read a lot in different forums and have tried many of the solutions but I just do not get ahead

do you still have another idea?

Thanks for your help

Please use the search function here.

Thanks i have look it some time ago.
but thre are not the right solutions.

all the touch there are GPIO conected solutions.
i have a usb touch screen.