Touch screen unofficial 7" screen 1024x600


I have 7" 1024x600 touch screen ( Page Not Found - ) , the screen work, I can see menus from OSMC but the touch not work (it work with Rasp2Play distribution (Raspbian) )

I install GIT for install driver but when I install driver on my CD, my raspberry said

osmc@momoto:~$ cd LCD-show/
osmc@momoto:~/LCD-show$ sudo ./LCD7C-show
cp: cannot create regular file '/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-fbturbo.conf': No such file or directory

the ssh connexion broken and the rasp don’t work
my raspberry don’t boot at all, the green light flash like an error (regular sequence), it’s like a missing file at boot

Have you got any idea ? I dont use linux often so I find it hard to find

I think it’s this screen :


Thank you, and sorry for my bad englisg

We don’t use X11 on OSMC.

It’s possible to install X11 ? What is X11 ?

X11 is a Window System/Server see

Yes it is possible to install X11 see

But you will not be able to run Kodi under X11 on OSMC so I guess not the purpose you want to reach.

Thank you,

So, If I understand, if I install X11, I “lost” kodi ?

No you will keep Kodi but it will continue to run directly on the GPU and not via X11.
You will install X11 in parallel as a Desktop System and you run Kodi or the Desktop.
So as long as your touchscreen uses X11 to run you will not be able to use it with Kodi under OSMC

I don’t think the touch screen needs X11 to run as OP says he has menus already working
on it. But it may be needed for touch screen functionality.

Well kinda what I meant, may should have written “as long as your touchscreen uses X1 to get the touchscreen events”

Ho okay, I understand now!

Have you got a solution to have kodi with touchscreen “unofficial” ? It’s for a projet media center in my car,
it run with hifiberry digi for output sound

When I use Max2Play, Kodi work with my touchscreen(because Max2Play have desktop) but he disable outpout soundcard… It’s why I go to OSMC, it’s work with my soundcard but no with my touch screen xD

Well the easiest in your situation is to stick to Raspbian and install Kodi on top of it.

Okey, thank you, I will do this,

the disadvantage of installing it on top is that the system will be heavier? Will it play on performance?

Will be not as beefy as on OSMC but for your purpose may work.

I will try and I will make a return tomorrow

Return :

Raspbian + kodi work with touch screen,
I realized that the touchpad actually turns off when I plug an external power supply into the display, and when I tested on OSMC it was always plugged in… So i restore Backup of my OSMC on my rasp, I disconnected the external power supply and… The touch screen work with OSMC!

But… this kodi on raspbian or with OSMC, when I’m on kodi, the tactile reacted very badly. When I’m on desktop on raspbian, it work perfectly, any idea ?

the mouse pointer remains at the top left