Touchscreen & User interface

This isn’t so much about technical issues, but rather usability.

I am using the latest OSMC, A Pi 1 B and a big 22" AOC touchscreen I bought a few years ago.
Touch control is recognized and works like a charm and the osmc standard skin isn’t so bad for touch - at least basically, in fact, it is far from perfect.

I am having quite a hard time navigating through the menu and I don’t get why.

On the main screen it is all tapping and everything is fine.
In the deeper menus, e.g. media, addons & stuff, I can drag and scroll but my click focus is in the middle of the screen. So tapping an item on the list does not work - I have to scroll until it is highlighted (=yellow) and then tap - and hope I don’t issue a drag command.

By trying and some luck I found that I can access the main menu by a long touch.
But If I do this - how can I go back to my playing video? With a keyboard attached it is the “Tab” button - yet there is no way to get back for pure touch control.

Another thing: Volume control? Without keyboard? Nope.

Any hints? It basically works well but there are many things that could go better.

Do you also have problems with the Confluence skin?

Currently there is a beta test going on for Kodi v17 which includes both a new OSMC skin and also a Kodi skin especially designed for touch screens called eTouchy.

You can participate in the beta trial by following the instructions in this thread:

You should have a better experience on the touch optimised skin. It is hoped that this will launch as the default stable version (with kodi v17) in the first few months of 2017.