Touchscreen works only in upper left corner on waveshare 10.1 screen

Hello everybody,

I’m currently trying to build a car player for my kids and I face an issue regarding the touchscreen I’m using the lastest release of OSMC and the cursor appears when I click on the left upper corner and when I move my finger the pointer travel all the screen quickly.
I search for a while on forum and found similar issues but the resolutions proposed was not successful.

Has I know kodi version is 16.1 on that OSMC release and it seems that advancedsettings.xml file in kody managing the touchscreen only works on Kody 17 ?

could you please help me calibrating or find a solution?

the screen I use is waveshare 10.1 touchscreen (touch in USB)
thanks a lot !

I have a similar problem with a GeChic 1303i screen connected to a RPi3.
Tried all solutions posted here and there, and still not working.
Also installed Kodi 17 beta, and still not working with advancedsettings.xml

Does OSMC block advancesettings.xml?
Any help from anyone?

Note the screen works perfectly with Kodi 17 on a Windows PC, and under Raspbian on the RPi 3 …

Absolutely not. It’s a config file required by Kodi.

So I don’t get why the settings are ignored…

This seems to be a Kodi specific problem and not related to OSMC other than it is a Linux based OS opposed to Windows.

Make sure you put advancedsettings in the right place.

There is some info on the Wiki about this.

A log file will show if it’s being parsed

advancedsettings.xml created by sudo nano under ssh (osmc user) in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

I don’t think this is a Kodi specific problem, since it’s also working natively on Ubuntu X64.

All solutions posted here and there are pointing out the Kodi install (or compilation) has to be “hacked” for the touch inputs to be transformed before transmitted to Kodi, or the Kodi regular RPi install will consider the inputs as for a 800x480 screen, which of course will only work with the official 7" RPi display.

I strongly believe if OSMC would integrate this “hack” into its builds (just as the guys on the CarPC project did), it would be a huge success. Doesn’t seem to be that hard for OSMC devs, whereas for people going to OSMC, looking for a turnkey experience, hacking Kodi is that hard.

And I’d be glad to beta-test and promote such a solution. I’d really prefer this way than going to some PC-stick based solution outside the OSMC world.