TP-Link TL-WN725 - still issues


Here is log:

I have set max_usb_current=1, but still wifi is diconnecting.

Are to you to busy or not eager to solve it?

From what I can see coming from your log there truly are many assocs and disassocs to your access point - which make me think of maybe there is a second SSID having the same name like yours being broadcasted to your network - can you rule that out?

Anyway, it could also be a weak signal to your Pi that makes it disconnect - many factors do influence WLAN, like microwave ovens, conduits… I can for sure not exclude a faulty driver, but to be honest: I doubt it, as there would be many more complains about it.

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On the forum you can find a lot of topics related to problems with this wifi adapter and driver for it. And as you can check it almost always end up the same - by buying different adapter.

RPi is located about 2m from router. Laptop, XBOX (located 10cm from RPi), tablet and phones do not have any issues.

BTW, Adapter connected to laptop with Windows works perfectly. So it is for sure driver issue in OSMC.

PS. If there is working driver for Raspbian and updated for each version, can’t you compile it for OSMC and add to releases?