auto sync possible?

I have just set up the add-on on both my Veros, and I think it is working like it should. But when I watch something on device A, then I have to manually click on the add-on icon on device B to pull in any watched status update. Is it supposed to be like that, or is it possible to tell both devices to sync the watched status like every minute?

You should be asking the dev of the trakt addon.

If you are using to just sync watched status updates between Kodi devices you may be interested in the add-on below.

The add-on automatically updates the device watched status in the background.

Open the settings for the Trakt add-on and you will find what settings are available for initiating the sync. Personally I just auto sync with library updates but I believe their is also the option to sync after a number of minutes after playback starts as well.