Tranfering HLS Streams from Smartphone to OSMC

Hello everyone,

From time to time i have the problem to watch Livestreams from a website on OSMC.

Normally on i PC i can invest some short minutes to reverse engineer the website via web developer tools to get the .m3u8 URL and send it to Kodi, no problem.

But what to do if i’m sitting on my sofa and just having my android smartphone? Firefox and Chrome have no developer tools in their mobile browser apps.
Second difference both browsers support to playback this URLs natively without an javascript player. So i should no be a problem to detect the video URL an send it to kodi.

But i couldn’t find a solution for that.

Does anyone has an idea?

Just to be clear… I want to playback HLS Streams from our local public broadcasters that are free and without any encryption.

It would be a solution to have a big playlist file with every HLS Stream in germany but especially event based stream URLs changes really often.

Kind regards

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An idea might be to bookmark those streams (given that the urls don’t change) and sync the bookmarks between devices. Another is to create an m3u Playlist of streams and load it into iptv simple client so that they are always available without workarounds.

I’m no coder, but this seems to be doable with an addon. All other video addons are working a similar way imho. So get your hands dirty for some python or check out the addons for ard and zdf i bet they are parsing the website too?! maybe youll find some starting points there?

there is no quick way as such, without getting the basics of python and writing a simple add-on.

First of all check if an add-on already exists for the provider you’re using, no point trying to reinvent the wheel.

Then you just use the methods you previously used to find the m3u8 url from the browser, and work out exactly what steps your browser took to get there.

Its surprisingly simple if there’s no encryption/cookies/tokens involved.

Hey man.

The way I do it is to use Yatse. With that app you can share content very easily to OSMC. I open up the stream on a video player on my phone (I use MX player) and then go to tools and share and use the Play on Media center share option from Yatse. That then opens up the stream on OSMC.

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Hello everyone. Thanks for your answers so far.

@TheHacker66 This would be a solution but in this moment it wouldn’t help.
But to have “even something” this would help.

@rantanplan1 i’m also not a coder. Addons from ARD and ZDF i know are always community programmed and grabb the websites of them from time to time. So event livestreams are not synced most of the time as far as i know.
Actually i use the mediathekview plugin to get VOD stuff. The Mediathekview website crawler is also not really close to publishing times and don’t crawls eventbased livestreams.

On a PC the " The Stream Detector" plugin for firefox is working. But it don’t works with the firefox android app.

@otautahi i’m using kore, which works well if i already know the url for playback. But i need a solution to find the playback url inside of a website.