Transfer from Computer to Vero

Hi, I have had a Vero 4K+ for a few weeks now. Everything is going as planned. It is running latest update as far as I know and I’m running the stock Kodi skin.

I’ve had success using Samba to transfer from the Vero to my PC over the network, but going from the PC to Vero seems to be a problem. It doesn’t start the transfer really, Windows just hangs on calculating in the transfer window and never moves.

Do I need to enable some kind of write permission to allow the PC to write to the drives attached to my Vero?

On a similar vein, can something like Midnight Commander be installed on the Vero?

Thanks for your help!

I would do yourself a favor and install WSL2 on your Windows box, I assume you are using Windows if not then you’re half way there.

Enable SSH and copy via SCP or Rsync.

Did you install the Samba Server from the MyOSMC - APP Store? Or how are you trying to transfer files from the PC to the Vero?

Within Kodi you have already the File Manager. Yes, you can install Midnight Comander (sudo apt-get install mc) on the Vero. You would need to do so via SSH.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Yes, I installed Samba server from the app store and it was running.

I was just trying to use Windows Explorer to transfer back to the mapped drive of the drive connected to my Vero.

Thank you for the information on MC

You mean a USB drive connected to the Vero? Which Filesystem is it using?
What error did you get?

How do I install WSL2? Never heard of it. What is it? I am using Windows.

SSH is already enabled on Vero.

Yes, connected to Vero and I believe the drive is either NTFS or ExFat.

No error message just stalls on the Windows side at calculating in the transfer box and never begins transfer.

I remember someone had a similar problem with a specific combination of filesystem and samba. Unfortunately forgot the details I hope someone from team reads it and remembers.
Can you transfer just a single small file without a freeze or it happens even then?

I’ll try that and let you know.

I can report that small files do transfer. I was trying to transfer a 30GB Blu-Ray rip before when it stalled

Also, confirmed that the destination drive is NTFS.

Do you need the files to be on the Vero? Wouldn’t streaming them from the PC work just as well?

I’m afraid my network is not that great and I prefer to hook directly to the Vero via a hard drive because of that.

The issue here sounds like the drive is formatted as FAT 32 and this is a problem connected to an OSMC device and using explorer to transfer files from Windows. In this case smaller files will transfer but there is no progress dialog. Files over a particular size (fuzzy memory is leaning toward a couple gigs) will not successfully transfer. In addition I seem to recall that if you tell a file to delete on said drive from windows it will be removed from view but the space is not freed. Also when you have one of these failed transfers, the space that was taken up by what was transferred will not be freed. In short, if your going to touch the drive over SAMBA don’t use exFAT. NTFS did not seem to have any of these issues. I would assume any Linux file system would also not have an issue but I personally didn’t test that.

So I confirmed with Windows and also SSHed into the Vero and confirmed the attached drive is NTFS formatted. I can transfer from the attached drive to my PC, but seems to stall in reverse.

I have just been using another drive with the ripped media on it attached to the Vero as well and using file manager to transfer media from one drive to another

That is really odd as @darwindesign wrote so far it seemed only a problem on some exFAT drives.
If you are planning to use the drive dedicated to the Vero you could format it with ext4 or btrfs which should solve the problem unless it is a drive issue.
First you may just want to upload the logs grab-logs -J -K so that we could check if there are any drive related issues reported.

Any issue appeared when you did that?

No no issues with file manager transfer from usb drive to usb drive.

Ok, which might indicate it is really a samba issue.


Would it be better to use scp or rsync or something similar then?

Is rsync installed on VERO 4K+ by default?