Transfer from Kodi on PC to Vero 4k + newbie questions

Hi OSMC community!

I just got my Vero 4K and I’m about to set it up and got a couple of beginner questions:

  1. Easiest way to transfer watched status, settings etc. from a PC with kodi to Vero 4K?
    So I’ve been using kodi on my pc for some years and I’d like to transfer the settings and watched status etc. to the Vero 4K. I’ve read about some different ways to transfer and also to share library and watched status between devices etc. So I’m wondering which way you would recommend to transfer the info from the PC to the vero 4K and then continuing with both devices the recommended way to share watched list? I read that many use mySQL, but some say emby for kodi is better, but I’m unsure if this is also true on vero 4k.

  2. Best web browser for vero 4k?
    I am using chrome on my PC with all my logins etc. I read about using chromium but was unsure if I can use my login from chrome on chromium to get all bookmarks, saved passwords, addons etc. on vero 4k. Do you know if this is possible? Or would you recommend another browser entierly? The most important add on for me is an ad blocker.

  3. Which do you think is best: Youtube in a web browser or as a separate OSMC addon on vero 4k?

  4. Which do you think is best: Netflix in a web browser or as a separate OSMC addon?

  5. Best way to play spotify with Vero 4k?
    A simple link to any how to guide is sufficient answer for these questions, I’ll try to figure it out from there.

Many thanks in advance guys, I hope my questions are not too simple. I couldn’t really find it when I searched the forum, but I am also quite bad at doing that.

Also many thanks for making the Vero 4K! I’m super excited to start using it :smiley:
Gonna show it to all my friends when the setup is done. I think some of them would want to buy it too if it runs smoothly.

The only way to share is to use MySQL as your database. First, you’ll need to install MySQL somewhere. You can do this on the Vero 4K.

Second, just follow the instructions at the Kodi Wiki to switch from a local database on your PC to MySQL. This requires an export (multiple file) of the database. After that, when you start your PC Kodi with the MySQL settings, this should copy everything (including watched status).

Last, set up the Vero 4K to use the new MySQL database.

  1. Easiest way I think is setting up a account and sync watched-status to them. On the Vero you also configure the trakt-plugin and it will import the status. There are other options but none are as easy as this. Switching to MySQL or Emby keeps the initial problem: saving the current state somewhere.
  2. No experience. For me it’s a media center, not a browser.
  3. Youtube addon. Don’t see added value of a browser besides maybe easier/prettier navigating.
  4. Netflix is not possible for now. It’s working in the Alpha builds but expect things to break from time to time.
  5. No experience with Spotify.

If you search for Chromium web browser that should find you a HowTo on how to set that up. I believe the same applies for Spotify.

Netflix is possible but requires a Kodi v18 alpha build