Transfer speed very slow after recent updates

Hi everyone,

I haven’t used the Vero 4k box for a while and recently I had to install 2 updates. After the updates, transferring files through my cabeled LAN-network is very slow, with a maximumspeed of 1,2mb/s on standby mode instead of 7-8mb/s before the updates.

Rebooting the Vero 4k didn’t help, getting Vero 4k out of standby mode and then transfer a file didn’t help either. Rebooting my PC wasn’t of any help either. I’ve searched this forum but couldn’t find a similar topic.

Is this a known issue and can someone please help me out? I use Vero 4k to transfer files from my PC to Vero 4k through my network so that I can watch the videos on TV. But with these speeds it’s taking ages to transfer a file.

Many thanks.

What protocol are you using to transfer files?

Nothing different than I used to, that’s for sure. I use Total Commander to transfer files from my PC’s SSD to the Vero 4k from Windows 10 OS 22H2. Not sure which protocol that would be to be fair.

Not sure either so hard to advise unfortunately.

Total commander on Win10 here too, but transfering to an RPI used as NAS and feeding My Vero4k by SMB.

At least no speed drop between the Win10 and RPI for SMB transfer, and Vero still able to read high rate movies from the RPI (SMBv3 used everywhere)

@crz357 during a transfer you can get the protocol used by SMB (nothing else mentioned so guessing) with Powershell command


The “Dialect” column is the one you want to look

If using SMB, it could be security related. See Samba speed 25% slower after update - #19 by sam_nazarko. But this should cause a small slowdown but not a slowdown to the extent you have described

Thank you for jumping in. I ran Powershell with the command you suggested and the dialect column shows 3.1.1.

Thank you Sam, I will look into this later. I’m not as technical with the Vero 4k as some of you guys are so I need a bit more time to dig into it.

Try reboot both the PC and Vero.

I rebooted the PC and Vero but no change in transfer speed unfortunately. Rebooting the modem didn’t help either.

Maybe something changed in the network, we suggest to check your network with iperf3. Please read this howto