Transfer XBMC/Kodi database and user preferences from Raspbmc to OSMC

I’d like to switch to OSMC, but I don’t want to lose my database that I’ve got in Raspbmc/Kodi on my RPi. Is there any way to transfer my database and user settings from Raspbmc over to OSMC?

You should be able to export your library from Kodi and import it on OSMC.

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Thank you very much for your reply - would this be the correct way to export / import the library?

Yes, that should work

Could you not just copy your userdata folder across?

A few reasons I’d not recommend this:

  • You’ll copy over the old Raspbmc user data which is structured differently
  • The XBMC -> Kodi name change can cause problems
  • You might be copying over add-ons that aren’t compatible with the new Kodi and thus wasting space and introducing errors.

I personally think it’s a better idea to just start fresh, but by all means give it a go