Transfering movies to my Raspberry Pi

I have a good movie collection on my computer and I would like to upload them to the OSMC Raspberry Pi 2, is it possible?

Add a USB hard drive, copy your movies over and plug it into the pi. Reboot and the drive should mount.


I suspect most people will be doing what Jeff says and keeping the operating system of the SD card but the collection of media on an external USB hard drive but you could put the movies directly onto the SD card if you wanted to.

File transfer methods could be SCP (will work straight away) or FTP (needs to be installed from the App Store) or you could get your Pi to just source its files from the PC but that would require some additional work and would mean that the PC has to stay on.

JBcool I did the FTP I dropped a movie into the movie folder and I can’t find it… Is there a special folder where I need drop the movies?

If you didn’t change the folder it’ll likely be in /home/osmc

I uploaded them to the /home/osmc and that’s a no go, I couldn’t find them either. Any other suggestions?

What do you mean? If you put them there then how can you not find them?

Yeah, I uploaded via FTP to /home/OSMC and then went to my raspberry PI I went to videos and files and there is nothing there.

videos>files>root filesystem>home>osmc

You need to go into Videos -> Files and Add Sources.

The movies don’t even have to be on your Pi. If you share the folder they’re in on your PC and add that as a source in Kodi, that will work fine as long as your PC is always on.

But Kodi needs to be told where to look for your media. Once the source has been added, you’ll be prompted to specify what sort of media is in that folder (TV Shows, Movies, Music Videos).

Good luck.

Excuse me if this is completely wrong because this is the first time I’m using UNIX since the 1980s but here’s what I did.
On my OSMC box I have the following directories on a USB HDD:

I’ve created a link called l2video in my home directory pointing to …/media/Video
Using scp I copy video files to l2video on OSMC
I then move the files to …TV or …Movies as appropriate.

What are you trying to achieve? If the USB disk is going to be left plugged in then there is no need to copy the files, you can just tell Kodi where they are.