Transferring existing install from raspberry pi 1 to 2

Hi guys.

My Mrs got me a rasp2 for my birthday. I’ve already got my rasbp1 set up exactly how I want it.
It’s running raspbmc version (raspbmc-2014-11-24.img) - is there a way I can simply copy this to my new pi?

Any help appreciated.

Short answer is NO - the Pi1 and Pi2 are different hardware, and need different OS images.

Raspbmc is incompatible with Pi2. You are going to have to install OSMC.

… but you can first back up all your personal settings and configurations from RPi1, and then apply them to the new install on the RPi2

That’s not going to be recommended when moving from Raspbmc with Helix to OSMC with Isengard. There are a considerable amount of significant changes between the two.

Thanks everyone for the advice, much appreciated.

do you guys know if I can get Transmission on OSMC? That’s the only reason I haven’t started again

Yes in the app store