Transferring osmc to new sd

I will take the opportunity of the new osmc version with kody 17 to transfer my installation to a new bigger sd. Thus I’ll keep my original sd not upgraded as a backup in case something gets wrong with the new version and keep my family happy.

I’am using

  • raspberry pi 2
  • osmc (january update with kody 16)
  • tvheadend (from repo) and its plugin for iptv.

My plan is to make on the new sd a new clean install of the new osmc with kody 17, and then transfer the .kodi and .hts from my ol sd to this new installation.
Do you think it’s enough and it will work ? Thank you for your advices.

That should be enough and working.
Alternatively you can clone the old SD card to the new one and then extend the partition to fit the new size.