Transmissio Uninstall [suggestion]

when u uninstall transmission, the settings file is not deleted, or all the /home/osmc/.config/transmission-daemon/ folder.

I think it should be deleted when u uninstall because if you are uninstalling for a problem (specially newbies like me) and then reinstalling the settings will be the same.


good work


How did you uninstall?

It’s not Debian like to remove configuration files under the standard remove command. With that said, I know we sometimes set up configuration files in postinst (TVHeadend, if memory serves) which is a bit cheeky. We should instead do it the right way and mark as a conffile.

I’ll talk to @DBMandrake about this.


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I think Sam might have angry people banging on his door if people started losing their config files just because they uninstalled a program. Settings should stick around until someone removes them, I say. You’ve been using Windows too long, maybe? :wink:

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