Transmissiom and custom script

Hello, i’ve managed to successfully install transmission, sickrage and couchpotato. But I have a problem with runing custom script after completed torrent. I’ve already use this method on xbian and it’s worked perfectly for tv show (sickrage). But no on osmc it sems like it doesn’t run the script. I would really apreciate any advice and help.

I tried to copy script to folder:
Take ownership with chown osmc:osmc and chmod +x. And transmission was stoped with command sudo service transmissiom stop. Has anybody any idea what did I do wrong?

Have you enabled it in the transmission settings file?

Yes, it’s enabled. Now I tried with option trash-original-torrent-files: true in settings.json. I don’t know why that doesn’t work, when torrent is completed, files are moved, only torrents stays. Even in sickrage it’s uncheked use failed downloads. Because I already have problem with that on xbian. Can it be something with permissions on running script?