Transmission Client corrupts my SD card

Hi! old xbmc user converted to OSMC a couple of months ago. Never had a problem, yesterday I tried to install a couple of things from the “App” page on MyOsmc (namely, the Samba Server and the Transmission client). Everything worked fine, until I turned off the Raspberry (model B). When I tried to turn it on again it wouldn’t work, showing just a red light on “power”. I read online this was a sign of SD card corruption and tried to reinstall everything from scratch. Everything went perfectly, I tried turning it off and on a couple of time and there were no problems. However, when I installed the Transmission client it worked fine until I turned off the raspberry, then it just stopped working as before and I couldn’t manage to make it work without a clean install. Has this happened to anyone else before? are there any solutions?

Your overclock may be too high.

I only overclocked to the lowest of the “default” overclock options (900MHz if I’m not wrong) and it has not been a problem until this afternoon, with two consecutives SD corruption, both of them after installing Transmission.

Transmission as a userspace application can’t magically cause file system corruption - there must be some underlying instability or hardware issue at play here.

Is the system hanging when operating or are you saying the system works normally then won’t boot after a normal clean shutdown and restart ?

Have you tried a different SD card ? Maybe your SD card is on the way out, as running a torrent client will generate a lot more writes to the card than general Kodi use.