Transmission daemon download is very slow

I have set up Transmission app on my Vero 4k, pointed download folder to my NAS attached via fstab (nfs) and ethernet connection. But the download speed is abysmally slow (when I open web interface it is changing rapidly from a few Mb/s to 100 - 300 kB/s. I have never seen this on my “regular” PC torrent client. So I am wondering what are the optimal Transmission settings? Is it normal?

Is it possible to install qbittorrent or other client on Vero 4k?

Its not normal.

I’d suggest that you place the incomplete directory on the Vero4K and have the completed directory on the NAS. You might be finding that the network latency is slowing things a bit.

If you want, Deluge is also available on the Debian repo, though it’s a bit old.

Ok , but Vero has only 14 GB internal storage …

We’re only talking about incomplete downloads here and you can always attach a USB thumb drive if you think space will be an issue.

Ok, I have stared downloading a file at 19.18 and now at 20.38 its 2,33 GB so not that bad. But web interface its showing strange low speed.

The transmission web interface is a bit sucky, though I can’t recall it misreporting speeds.

I’d definitely recommend transgui.

+1 for recommending transgui, I use it for controlling my seedbox.

Ok, thanks for this. Transgui is great and doesn’t misreporting speeds…