Transmission magnet links don't work


I installed transmission-daemon from apt-get in osmc 2016.02-3.
I changed the user and group and given all necessary permissions to folders. I use an external NTFS hard drive.
Through the web interface (192.X.X.X: 9091) I can upload a .torrent file and download it without problems. But when I place a magnet, this detects peers but not download.

Any ideas?

sudo apt-get install transmission-cli transmission-common is necessary??

Why are you not using transmission installed from the MyOSMC app store?

I couldn’t tell you @ActionA . I had XBMC and so I installed it. I assumed that would be equal in OSMC.
The idea is to use it together with Flexget. It’s compatible with TransmissionApp (MyOSMC AppStore) ?

I don’t know what this means in this context… Transmission should behave like Transmission… Installing from the appstore will ensure that transmission is started in systemd, in the proper order, as OSMC has intended, and optimized for OSMC. If magnet links are failing, I would assume it to be an issue with Transmission itself, as opposed to OSMC.

I said it because Transmission installation ran by console in XBMC.

Thank you for your advice. I will install Transmission from the app store this nigth.
I say if it worked well.