Transmission - problem


I can’t download anything to my VERO 4k directly to my mounted hard drive with Transmission client.
I set /media/My Passport/Torrent
I add torrent file path and after couple of seconds I have Connection Failed information on my screen and my Transmission client doesn’t work.
I need to restart it manualy or restart VERO 4k.
When I try another path /home/osmc/Download everything works ok but there is no enough space to download big files.

Any idea what to do?

Best regards

How is the drive formatted?


I was using Transmission for about a year on this disk.
Yesterday I was forced to install OSMC from scratch becouse Leia Beta bootlops and I installed stable version. Everything works excellent but I don’t know what to do to download files directly to my hard drive.

I think I repaired the problem.
I ssh to osmc and:
sudo service transmission stop
Next I modified download dir on sudo nano /home/osmc/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json
And sudo service transmission start

Now it works

When I do that in Transmission web client - it doesn’t

Thx Sam

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Just a heads-up that NTFS isn’t a great choice of disk format for OSMC. If you can use exFAT, I’d recommend this.