Transmission's low speed in large files

Just downloaded 1gb torrents and theyre downloading at 7 Mb/s without a hiccup. Odd stuff

Probably an old gmc repository.
Paste sources.list or if you are not using one of his nightlies, remove it.

File: /etc/apt/sources.list Modified deb jessie main contrib non-free
GNU nano 2.2.6 File: /etc/apt/sources.list
deb jessie main contrib non-free
deb Index of /debian jessie-updates main contrib non-free
deb jessie/updates main contrib non-free
deb jessie main
deb ./ deb krypton main

For a generic install, this what your sources.list should look like:

osmc@dalek:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb jessie main contrib non-free
deb jessie-updates main contrib non-free=
deb jessie/updates main contrib non-free
deb jessie main

For Pi2/Pi3.

Pi1 is a bit different.

You can remove the line for GMC repositories (it’s incorrect anyway). Krypton is final and I’d advise you stay with it for now unless you know what you’re doing.

Ok i removed the krypton and kept the others. Back on the original issue up to a 16 gb file. All is good so there must be a threshold somewhere that get triggered and make the rpi go into slow/lag mode

You may want to install htop

sudo apt install htop

Then run htop. That will show you used resources, and may help you find the bottleneck.

apt-get install

apt install is a Ubuntu abbreviation

apt works fine in OSMC.

My mistake :slight_smile:

Looks like apt in Debian Jessie is more modern than I thought.

So sbin mount ntfs is taking most of the ressources
1 [||||||| 17.0%] Tasks: 36, 96 thr; 2 running
2 [||||||| 16.3%] Load average: 0.77 0.50 0.34
3 [||||||||| 23.3%] Uptime: 05:49:23

1 [|||||||||||||||||||| 61.6%] Tasks: 36, 96 thr; 3 running
2 [|||||| 16.7%] Load average: 1.22 0.80 0.48
3 [||||||| 17.1%] Uptime: 05:51:56
4 [||||||||| 25.0%] Mem[|||||||||||||||||||||||398/733MB] Swp[ 0/0MB] PID USER PRI NI VIRT RES SHR S CPU% MEM% TIME+ Command 447 root 20 0 3548 2228 604 S 62.7 0.3 2h50:37 /sbin/mount.ntfs /dev 519 osmc 20 0 111M 39728 1108 S 33.1 5.3 39:13.61 /usr/bin/transmission 526 osmc 20 0 111M 39728 1108 R 33.1 5.3 38:49.28 /usr/bin/transmission 357 osmc 20 0 674M 98M 4004 S 16.3 13.5 1h01:33 /usr/lib/kodi/ 620 osmc 21 1 674M 98M 4004 S 5.1 13.5 15:55.84 /usr/lib/kodi/ 7667 osmc 20 0 3192 1316 632 R 1.5 0.2 0:05.13 htop 754 sickrage 20 0 280M 142M 1296 S 0.5 19.4 26:43.27 python2.7 /opt/sickra 600 osmc 20 0 674M 98M 4004 S 0.5 13.5 5:52.75 /usr/lib/kodi/ 761 sickrage 20 0 280M 142M 1296 S 0.5 19.4 1:57.46 python2.7 /opt/sickra 578 osmc 20 0 674M 98M 4004 S 0.5 13.5 1:01.17 /usr/lib/kodi/ 588 couchpota 20 0 106M 45892 1236 S 0.5 6.1 0:53.30 python /opt/CouchPota 613 osmc 21 1 674M 98M 4004 S 0.5

Just tried again, downloading the same 25gb file on rpi gets me 3Mb/s max while on my phone internal storage over wifi i get 11Mb/s

Good progress, do you want to try with a different distribution such as raspbian and let us know when you’ve done that.


If the drive you are using to save to torrents to is directly connected to the Pi, then you should reformat it as EXT4, since that’s native to linux. NTFS can be slow since it’s not native to linux.

Yea i know that but what makes a <16gb fine but over that locks the cpu and causes lag?

I can’t tell you for sure, but probably because NTFS on linux just isn’t efficient. Try using an EXT4 formatted drive, and see if there is an improvement.

While I generally also would suggest EXT4 I doubt that NTFS is here the culprit. I am using my VMware images (120 GB) under Linux and they are on a NTFS partition of my drive.
But creating a small test partition with EXT4 doesn’t harm

If you are running an image from Windows on NTFS, then it will not matter, because Windows is doing the NTFS work.

Nope the image file is stored on an NTFS drive that is mounted under Linux and being played by VMware under Linux

I will create an ext4 partition to test tonight, eventhough im sure it has something to do with transmissions rather than the hdd format

Any progress?

As it so happens, I suffer from the same issue. I have a 100 Mb/s FTTH and I can download stuff really fast on any other device at home, but if I use Transmission on my OSMC (RPi2), the download speed is very slow.