Treat multiple media files as a single list

I did a search on this but didn’t find a post, so apologies if the answer is already out there somewhere.

I have successfully connected from my OSMC/Pi to XBMC running on a Win7 PC and can pull Live TV, Music and Movies.

Question - I have movies spread across three drives, can I concatenate them so that they show up as a single list within OSMC? As it stands now I have to select which of the three source directories I wish to browse.

Thanks in advance,


Add each of them to the library as a movie source.

Thanks for the reply - yep that’s what I’ve done within XBMC running on the Win7 box, but I added the three drives as separate sources on OSMC. Did I do it wrong?

If you do it as described in the wiki then I don’t know how it can be wrong. It’s plainly explained there.

Bam! I didn’t give it enough time, so checked ‘update on startup’ and rebooted. Thanks for the reinforcement!