Trick to get Airlive WN-370USB is not working on OSMC

I have moved from Raspbmc to OSMC yesterday. Besides that on OSMC skin the OSMC configuration application has no fonts I have one issue left, which bothers me a lot. I have been using Airlive WN-370USB for WiFi and to get it working I needed to install realtek-firmware package and add to rc.local following modprobe r8712u && echo 1b75 8171 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/r8712u/new_id … after this command the WiFi dongles LED starts to blink and I can see the interface… but not on OSMC…

any ideas what can be wrong?


Have you installed the drivers?

rtl819x - Debian Wiki The one for RTL8188SU based devices should work for the WN-370USB.

Also have you installed the non-free firmware package using apt-get? I had to install 2 device specific firmware packages (chipset#-firmware and firmware-chipset#) and the non-free package to get mine to work.