Tronsmart TSM-01

I have a Tronsmart TSM-01 Wireless remote to use with Kodi. It’s a great tiny lightweight remote which I recommend.

Tronsmart TSM-01 Air Mouse

Everything works fine out of the box except the Volume Down button for some reason.

Here is how to fix it.

Create the following file:


Paste in the following code:

      <key id="61597">volumedown</key>
      <key id="61625">volumeup</key>

Restart Kodi.

You can add whichever key you’d like to remap. To find key codes you can use the “Keymap Editor” Addon.

This method should be suitable to any Wireless remote.

Can you try this and let me know if it works Volume Down / Mute key failure [SOVLED] - #3 by gatorback

You will have to delete or rename your TSM01.xml file if renaming just change the file extension to something other than .xml like TSM01.test

The above file will be included in the next OSMC update

@Dilligaf: Yes, it worked. It fixed the volume down issue, although the Home button of the remote is still not working (wasn’t either with my custom file, but even the “Keymap Editor” Addon doesn’t detect a code for this button. On Windows, pressing that button opens IE).

Not important but there’s a little typo in the XML on line 3


What exactly? I can’t see it but I can be blind to my own mistakes sometimes. (I see what it’s supposed to say :slight_smile: )

line 3 is “<keyboard>>” instead of “<keyboard>” there’s an extra “>” which you probably don’t see when viewing the file in the web browser :blush:

Wow, I’ve looked at that file 100 times in text editors and never noticed that, fixed it now.

Thing is Notepad++ usually highlights xml errors, this one never did