Trouble Connecting to Time Capsule

So i’ve done a fresh install of OSMC. I used to have it setup to connect to my time capsule that has all my media setup on and am having difficulty connecting to it via the ‘Add Network Location’ option when adding files. I’m aware of the previous Samba issues but thought this was all sorted so am trying to figure out why i’m having issues connecting to it again.

The error is the same ‘Error 2: connection not available’ error that was appearing before.

I have noticed the Time Capsule has had an update recently and am wondering if that has anything to do with it?

Also even struggling to mount it via fstab:

// /mnt/time_capsule cifs x-systemd.automount,username=Time\040Capsule,password= 0 0

Not having a whinge just would appreciate if anyone could help with this one. Usually quite good with this stuff but this one seems to be eluding me!

Try mounting via the command line for clues and see if you get any errors

All sorted… i’m not even going to say what it was as it’s incredibly simple and stupid. Actually irritated with myself now :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways - hope you’re all good sam? Long time no speak!

It was obviously the IP address :wink:

Error -2 usually means hostname resolution failed, but I see you used an IP. Happens to us all – DHCP is a git.

All good, just working hard on OSMC over the break.


It wasn’t the IP (i have that static) - as you say i’ve been burnt by that before and have a range of IPs i leave static for that purpose!

It was the… ahem… password. I changed a few recently as part of a password rotation and completely missed it. Complete dumbarse moment! :confused:

You need a break! Don’t burn yourself out! I’ll drop you an email soon.

All the best


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