Trouble getting MySQL database working, non-osmc

In addition to my Pi, I just got an Android TV Box. I am trying to get both boxes to use the same database. I have been following and I thought it was going well. Yeah… not so much. When I start Kodi on the Android with the advanced settings file in place, it just hangs at the startup screen and then exits back to the main GUI screen. If I remove that file, it starts back up fine.

I did comment out the bind-address for the config file on my SQL server, which is running on the Ubuntu that is serving the media files.

My advancedsettings file is here - - if you need that.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

Are you able to connect to the database from the OSMC Pi?

If that’s working, then you probably need to seek help from an Android TV forum.

You know… I’m a member of WAY too many freaking forums! Yeah… the OSMC Pi seems to work just fine with it… OK… off to find a new forum to join! lol… Thanks.

I doubt that anyone here really knows the Android box well enough to help you. I don’t know if any suggestions that I can make would be useful on the Android. Like, can you SSH into it? Can you install the mysql client.

Not trying to brush you off, but you’d be better off on a forum that knows the platform you are using.

Oh… no. Not at all. I appreciate the reply. I can ssh into the box (after installing an SSH server)… Does there have to be a MySQL client installed on the box running Kodi for that to work? That may sound like a dumb question, but to my knowledge I never installed a client on the Pi, unless that comes preinstalled with OSMC. That may be the problem.

In the meantime, I did ask over on an android forum. Thank you again.

Make sure Kodi version is the same on both

They are both 16… does the 16.0 or 16.1 make a difference?

Dot versions don’t matter. Only major versions, so 16 and 16.1 are OK sharing a database.

No, you don’t need a mysql client. If you can install one, that would give you a way to test the connection outside of Kodi.

How is your kodi user configured on the mysql server? Is the hostname set to % so any client can access the server?

hostname? Following the wiki, I did do this:

Note: To allow both local and remote access (i.e. from both the
MySQL host to itself and also from other clients), either comment out
the bind-address using a hash (#) to disable it, or use bind-address = to open it completely.

I commented the line out with a pound sign. Is that the same thing or is there another setting somewhere else?

Sorry, the user configuration in mysql is what I was talking about.

The user should have the host field set to %

Hostname was incorrect, it’s past my bedtime :wink:

Past my bedtime too! lol…

I know enough about SQL to get myself into trouble. Where do I find the host field?