TROUBLE in configuring remote with osmc help needed

i tried configuring remote gone through various forum topics but not got success.
i configured MyRemote.conf file by using this command
irrecord --driver=devinput --device=/dev/lirc0 MyRemote
copied that file in licd.conf
made changes in Lircmap.xml
my osmc showing myRemote file in OSMC->remote

1 . not able to select the remote in OSMC-> remote
able to see the file but its not selecting when i press enter nothing happens
2. irw command shows nothing

but mode2 -d /dev/lirc0 is working
please help i am unable to use remote
thanks in advance

If you stopped lircd helper and Kodi, then something is wrong with your receiver.

showing signal when i press button on remote

Then now you should record a config with irrecord.

And then select it in My OSMC.

i recorded but not able to select the remote irw command shows nothing

help me

Stop Kodi and the lircd_helper and see if that changes things.

Unfortunately I can’t really offer any more advice without knowing further information.