Trouble with remote

My remote has been unresponsive over the last few weeks, thought that the battery had gone flat, got some new batteries today and when I took out the old one a metal piece fell out, I have managed to put the piece back in but now with new battery still unresponsive

Clip is broken.

Open a support ticket (see on top under “My Account”).

How did you remove the battery?

Like this

Use a finger nail next time. If you use an instrument like a flathead screw driver, you can break the clip.

Is not a flat head or the like it’s a nail clipper tool and is thinner than a finger nail and considering when you insert it into the slot the battery lifts up at the slot end and drops at the clip end not putting and strain on the clip, and as this is the first time the battery was taken out as it was in when I got the vero, the clip should not be falling out,
Which you can only put down to a manufacturing defect

Or dropping it / general wear etc.

If the clip was broken to begin with I’m not sure how we’d have got the battery in.

Anyway, just open a support ticket. I would like to get the remote back regardless so I can check what’s gone on.

@snewton1970 If you use a metal tool to touch the battery cell you’re always in danger to shortcircuit the battery cell. Use something out of nonconductive plastic next time or just your dry fingers … this will increase your battery life time.