Trouble with the Pre-Show experience add-on and trailers

Hi there,

I appreciate that the issues I am having may very well be an add-on issue, not a Vero issue, but I thought I’d reach out to this community first to cover all bases, and because - frankly - this community is the more helpful!

There is a Kodi add-on called Pre-Show experience that I like to use. It gives a bit of that cinema feeling to watching films at home. I imagine some other Vero users are familiar with it and use it.

The issue for me is trailers. When using that addon I get incredibly poor playback, even at 1080 resolution, when streaming trailers. I can stream 4k via the YouTube addon with limited (but not no) issues. OFten the trailers will stutter, freeze mid frame and then crash.

I have been trying to fix this and making sure my InputStream adaptive and YouTube addons are up-to-date, etc. Everything is running at the latest version, but it still won’t work.

I’d be grateful for any assistance, particularly from other users who may have encountered this problem and overcome it. It’s very frustrating!

I’ve never run this, and haven’t used the YouTube add-on in quite a long time, but possibly it could be related to it trying to grab trailers in AV1 like was the issue in this other recent thead…

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That’s extremely helpful, thank you. I will disable that and see how I go.

Edit: That worked like a charm. I turned off the AV1 codec and everything worked smoothly.

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